Welcome to the MHA Information Center Price Check System

Minnesota hospitals are committed to transparency and providing meaningful information directly to consumers. In accordance with state legislation, Minnesota Hospital Price Check is a place where consumers and purchasers of health care services can review and compare price information for their local hospitals. Use the Reports button below to find Minnesota hospital prices for the 50 most common inpatient hospitalizations and the 25 most common same-day procedures.

In the hospital billing process, hospitals charge all patients who receive the same services the same price. Patients’ final out-of-pocket costs can be higher or lower than their neighbors’ — even when they’ve undergone the same procedure. That’s because health insurance plan discounts, which vary widely, are applied to the price, and insurance plan benefit levels are unique to each plan.

To determine out-of-pocket costs, consumers with health insurance should contact their insurance company directly. Patients without health insurance should contact the hospital where they plan to receive services.

This site is managed by the Minnesota Hospital Association , which represents 145 Minnesota hospitals and 17 health systems. MHA and its members are committed to providing meaningful information directly to consumers. To see other data about hospitals, visit www.mnhospitals.org.